Free shipping on order over $49

Free shipping on order over $49

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Tranquilo Earth Friendly Products started in January of 2016, about a week after I sold my previous company (an organic sea salt company). I was running a podcast at the time called the Passion Project Podcast, where I interviewed people like Seth Godin (bad boy marketer and NYT best selling author), big wave surfer Garret McNamara, gold record musician G Love to name a few, on what it took to follow your dreams and your passions. Then, I just decided, to follow what was true to my heart, creating a brand that sold products that were friendly to the environment. 

At the time, I was living in Mexico, and while walking along the beaches I came across mounds and mounds of plastic. Much of the plastic came in the form of 3 or 4 items I'd constantly see over and over again. Plastic straws, plastic bags, and plastic bottles. Immediately, I looked into supplying biodegradable paper straws, and launched my first product. Since, I've dabbled back in the consumable products, like organic chia seeds, gluten free flours and other products that support an eco friendly brand. 

The overall vision is to supply products that will be gone in a year or two, including the packaging as I later found out that 97% of most consumer packaging of today will last 300 years or more. This single statistic drives me to become more and more obsessed with fine tuning the products that I create, to make sure they're fun, healthy, organic, USA or North American made when possible, while providing top value for my customers.  It also inspired me to write the book Our Plastic Legacy. How to quit plastic, want less & live green daily. If you'd like a free audio version, get it HERE

When ever possible, we also have a lifetime guarantee on all products.

We give to the Ocean Cleanup Project, the largest oceanic plastic pollution cleanup attempt in human history.

We're a small family run business that has its head quarters in Cheyenne, WY and Verbier, Switzerland. We sell our products all around the world. 

Please feel free to write us an email, we love to hear from our customers. 


Geordie Wardman
COO, Co-Founder